BAMBI  Bottom-up Approaches to Machines dedicated to Bayesian Inference 

We propose a theory and a hardware implementation of probabilistic computation inspired by biochemical cell signalling. We will study probabilistic computation following three axes: algebra, biology, and hardware. In each case, we will develop a bottom-up hierarchical approach starting from the elementary components, and study how to combine them to build more complex systems. We propose Bayesian gates operating on probability distributions on binary variables as the building blocks of our probabilistic algebra. These Bayesian gates can be seen as a generalisation of logical operators in Boolean algebra. We propose to interpret elementary cell signalling pathways as biological implementation of these probabilistic gates. In turn, the key features of biochemical processes give new insights for innovative probabilistic hardware implementation. We propose to associate conventional electronics and novel stochastic nano-devices to build the required hardware elements. Combining them will lead to new artificial information processing systems, which could, in the future, outperform classical computers in tasks involving a direct interaction with the physical world. For these purposes, the BAMBI project associates research in Bayesian probability theory, molecular biology, nanophysics, computer science and electronics. 


Starting date

The BAMBI project is a EU collaborative FET Project - FP7-ICT-2013-C, project number 618024, that started January 2014.


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  • Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG)
    • The LIG is a joint Computer Science research laboratory, federating researchers from the Grenoble area universities of UJF, INPG and UPMF, as well as CNRS and INRIA
    • Grenoble, France
  •  Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales (UMf)
    • UMf CNRS/Thales is a joint laboratory CNRS/Thales including academic personal (CNRS and University) and company personal (Thales)
    • France
  • Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale (IEF)
    • IEF is a joint research unit between CNRS and the University Paris-Sud
    • Paris, France
  • University of Liège (ULG)
    • The University of Liège (ULG) is located in Belgium in the Euregio
    • Belgium
    • Israel
    • Probayes is a sme specialised in data analytics and probabilistic reasoning
    • Grenoble, France