The SocialRobot Solution: A practice-oriented elderly care mobile robot platform integrating state of the art, standardized and interoperable Robotic Technologies and ICT-based Care & Wellness services making use of a virtual Social care Community network (SoCo-net).


The SocialRobot Target Group: People with light physical or cognitive disabilities who can find pleasure and relief in getting help or stimulation to carry out their daily routine at home.



  • Detection of individual needs and requirements related to ageing (e.g., physical mobility limitations or/and cognitive decline).
  • Day-to-day support to the elderly to stay active and independent in their preferred environment, but at the same time in close virtual social interaction with their carers reducing thus actual care demand.
  • Navigating indoors and unstructured environments and provide affective and empathetic user-robotic interaction, taking into account the capabilities of and acceptance by elderly users.
  • SocialRobot follows a User–Driven Approach:
  • Considers the elder as an active collaborative agent able to make personal choices and adapt the care model to his/her lifestyle, personalized needs and capabilities changes over the ageing process.
  • Gives emphasis in supporting the elders to maintain their self- esteem in managing their daily routine at home, by addressing the elder's security, privacy, safety and autonomy.
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